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here's how payflash payments can help your bussiness

events and tickets

With hosted Event Registration, you can build a secure online registration website in minutes. No technical knowledge or web hosting required. Simply select the tools you want to include, customize the look and feel, and that's it! Your online registration website is ready to go.

Accepting donations

Help manage donation receipts by simply putting your email address into the secure form. Within 5 minutes you will receive a personalized receipt for each donation to your personal DropBox, where you can include a scanned copy of the check or credit card statement.

sell products

The Online Order template enables you to process orders immediately, take credit card payments on the site, send automated receipts with complete order details and more.

free collections

Accept payments and collect fees in seconds with our hosted form. No paperwork involved.

Looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to accept payments online?


no coding required

All you need to do is go live by yourself on your own website, and we will market your business for free.


Automated Receipts

An automated receipt, is issued immediately on payment confirmation. Now no one needs to intervene and manually send an email/sms informing the recipient of the donations received.


Memorable URL'S

A custom URL is a great investment. It's easy to remember, and it's your very own web presence!


Custom Branded Page

Our customization options are limitless—the amount of customization and the number of ways you can use our payment buttons to suit your brand is virtually unlimited.


Custom Fields

Add and modify fields on your Payment Page as needed. By having these fields easily accessible, you can improve customer experience, streamline the sales process, save time, and close more deals.

Track Your Payments

The Iris dashboard allows you to analyze performance of your business and gain useful insights to improve and better serve your customers.

PayFlash FAQ

You can either select or customize a template or create your own custom-branded PayFlash Payment Page with zero integrations or coding. In a few clicks, you can take your page online and start accepting payments.
PayFlash Payment Pages does not require any integrations. You can pick or customize a template or create your own in a few clicks to accept payments instantly.
Yes, PayFlash Payment Pages comes with 5 templates that are ready to use and can be customized. You can also build your own Payment Page from scratch to match your requirements.
Yes, PayFlash Payment Pages are very secure. As Payment Pages are part of PayFlash’s core platform, the pages are secured by an industry standard 100% PCI DSS compliant & certified solution.
Automated receipts will be switched on by default for all payment pages. You also have the option to switch off this feature if you want.
NGOs have an option to add their 80G details in the payment receipts. They can do so from the receipt settings while creating a new page.