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Accept payments via UPI by integrating with apps such as PhonePe, BHIM and WhatsApp.

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Update to our latest Android SDK to enable UPI payments through apps like BHIM, WhatsApp, and PhonePe.

Android SDK


Basic Glossary


UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is just another payment option which mimics as your debit card for online transactions. It abstracts your bank account details in the form of a VPA. Now instead of sharing complex account details, the user can just share the VPA to receive/send money. And all of this is Realtime!


Your customers can now directly make payments from the UPI apps without going through the hassle of entering their VPA. No more collect requests!


Applications for Businesses

The future of payments is here. As business and technology evolves, we are at a pivotal moment in the payments ecosystem. UPI has enabled the growth of new digital payment mechanisms like instant money transfer.

collection disbursal

Web UPI Payment Gateway Integration

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The UPI integration helps enable businesses to provide a faster checkout experience for their customers. It is done through the Unified Payments Interface of India.
Light to load. Works only on Android. User is sent to the PSP app and needs to enter a UPI VPA. User Flow
1 User selects UPI as payment mode and enters VPA
2 All UPI apps on user’s mobile show up in list form
3 User selects app & is taken to respective PSP App

UPI Payment link API

  • User selects UPI as payment mode
  • All UPI apps supported on phone shows on merchant mobile app
  • User makes payment without going to PSP app and without entering UPI VPA.
UPI payment link enables businesses to generate a link that can be shared easily with their customers.
  • User clicks on payment link
  • Window pops up showing all installed UPI apps on phone
  • User selects app and payment approval screen shows up
  • User makes transaction
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UPI AutoPay

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AutoPay, a UPI feature that instantly enables e-mandate for your customers without requiring a PIN to be entered every time.
  • Create a plan
  • Start a new subscription by adding a user and share the one time authorization link
  • User enters UPI ID, opens UPI app, enters PIN to confirm

Virtual UPI Addresses for Reconciliation –

For offline UPI payment use cases, such as school fee payments, short-term loan repayments, apartment fee maintenance etc. the payee merchant can share their UPI ID with the payer, but reconciling received payments with bank statements can be a tedious job. The PayPie platform solves this problem by automating reconciliation as part of the accounting workflow.

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Opt for unique virtual UPI-enabled IDs each time you want to send money to someone. Consider a fully numeric/branded ID that is both memorable and easy to share.
The payer can pay via any UPI app.This includes Bharath QR, GooglePay, Paytm, Phonepe
Match every payment with invoice/payer/campaign and automate the manual reconciliation process

Payments Using UPI Dynamic Universal QR Codes -

A unique QR code is created for each order during checkout. The amount is autofilled. The customer opens any UPI mobile app, scans the QR Code and pays.
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With the Unified Payment Interface technology from NPCI, you can initiate funds transfer just the way you chat – by using a unique UPI ID linked to any bank account. As soon as you generate a UPI VPA, simply enter the beneficiary's UPI ID and send away!
When you sign up with PayFlash, you get access to a toolkit that lets you use the UPI infrastructure for all your payment needs - verification, collection, reconciliation and disbursal. You also get to choose the service provider of your choice to provide a solution for your business needs.
UPI is a payment system just like NEFT or IMPS. UPI is developed by NPCI which stands for National Payment Corporation of India. It is designed by Google, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank & SBI to facilitate fund transfer between two bank accounts on the mobile platform.
Once you have a working cashless business, you want to ensure that your customers have the best possible experience. That's why we're constantly listening to your feedback, making it easy for you to communicate with us in real time and scaling up our payment capabilities to meet your rapidly growing businesses.